Virtual Fly TQ3 Plus Throttle

Virtual Fly TQ3 Plus Throttle

Bravo Throttle (In Stock, no need to call and ask)

  • Throttle quadrant for GA planes and airliners
  • Configuration options for single and multiple engines
  • Configuration options for piston and jet engines
  • Thrust reverser for two- and four-engine aircraft
  • Extensive autopilot
  • Annunciator panel with 14 lights
  • Gear switch and trim wheel
  • 7 programmable keys
  • 5-year warranty and free lifetime support (from Manufacturer)
  • Works with X-Plane, P3D, and FSX, FS 2020, Flight Sim World

Limit one per customer. We do not sell to scalpers.

The Bravo Throttle Quadrant is an all-in-one cockpit system featuring a fully configurable throttle setup. Six general aviation and six commercial levers are included and can be arranged from single-engine general aviation all the way up to four-engine commercial aircraft. The commercial levers include flaps, spoilers, and functional thrust reversers while the general aviation levers include power, prop, and mixture and can engage thrust revers for turboprops as well. The throttle also features multiple cockpit components including an autopilot panel with backlit buttons, annunciator panel with 14 warning lights, Gear Lever with landing gear indicator lights, general aviation flap lever, and a trim wheel. The throttle also comes with our dual mounting system which includes two heavy-duty steel clamps and a large 3M Micro-Suction pad that can be used as a clamp-free solution. The Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant was designed to ensure the most versatile flight simulation experience possible.

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