The SWITCHO LIGHTS is a desktop or cockpit-panel module designed to activate the aircraft lights, tank fuel selector, fuel pumps, pitot heat and De-ICE.

It is a Plug&Fly USB module that you connect to your computer and through our "VFHub" software it is ready to work with the 3 main flight simulation platforms. The function of the toggle switches is customizable by the most advanced users.

  • Exterior lights (beacon, landing, taxi, nav, strobe, recogn)
  • Panel light
  • Tank fuel selector
  • Fuel pumps
  • Pitotheat
  • De-ice
  • Connectivity: USB (cable included)
  • Plug and Fly product, no configuration is required.
  • $495.00

    Gone are the days for 2D cockpits, where all the important flight parameters such as switches, rotaries and levers to perform the flights were displayed in our flight simulator screen. Nowadays cockpits are always in 3D, more sophisticated and equipped with several systems. This means that the virtual pilot is constantly changing the view to visualize the flight parameters in the cockpit, and above all, to act on the different systems of the aircraft (switches, rotaries and levers).

    The main functionality of the SWITCHO FAMILY modules is to enable the user to visualize all the flight parameters and act on the aircraft systems through very compact, easy, and ergonomic desktop modules. This is extremely important in all phases of flight, but moreover in critical moments such as take-off, approach or landing.

    None of the modules require configuration by the end user. They are all Plug&Fly and with USB-C high-end quality connection. The VF-HUB software will recognize your module and automatically leave it ready to fly.

    All 5 modules are fully compatible and can be set-up together thanks to our own interlocking snap system placed all around the aluminum housing. This system can make your SWITCHO FAMILY grow at your pace.

    - Plug&Fly product, no configuration is required. - For advanced users: Any OFF/ON toggle button can be customized to the user's preferences. - FULL metal construction. - Rotaries & switches with a ultra-high life cycle. - It includes anti-slip systems for a better grip over any surface. - It includes anti-tip systems to avoid any tilt and keep in a steady vertical position. - Realistic feel thanks to the quality of the materials, strong and reliable switches and rotaries. - Designed for Single &Twin engine Piston and Turboprop aircraft. - The entire housing is removable so that the module can be fitted in any cockpit panel by means of 4/6 screws. - Different switch colors for each function group. If you are not looking for a desktop solution but rather a friendly cockpit-builder product, this is also for you. The aluminum housing is removable in all 5 modules, and can be placed directly onto your favorite panel. This solution is great for enthusiast that have bought StayLevel Avionix panels and other similar solutions.

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