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IT Services

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IT Services

Technology should enhance and improve efficiency, not get in the way.  I’m a local small business owner and I know just how important it is for your employees to be able to work efficiently and effectively.  The loss of productivity in just one employee can affect the entire operation.  That is why we focus exclusively on small businesses.

Businesses like yours, with 5 to 25 workstations, simply can’t afford to have an IT specialist on staff.  Maintaining internal technology systems and networks and troubleshooting problems can be difficult to do on an ongoing daily basis. Problems can and will come up, and there will be a need for network and systems service.

My name is Michael Brown, and I’ve been in the technology field for nearly 25 years. I hold an MBA and I have run a highly successful online business since 1997.   Before leaving to pursue my own business, XForcePC, I worked as an IT Manager for UPS and for Siebels Insurance Technology & Services.  Let my knowledge and experience help your technology systems run more smoothly.


We believe any investment in technology should be made with the return on that investment as a primary concern. We can help you achieve your goal, while ensuring your investments in technology improve the bottom line. If you find technology is not helping improve efficiency in your business, I encourage you to give us the opportunity to help.  Don’t let technology slow you down.  In fact, it should do just the opposite!

I am positioning myself as a virtual IT director for small businesses in Columbia.  I would work with your business on an as-needed or regularly scheduled basis, only charging modest hourly fees for the services I perform.  There are no salaries, no overhead, yet a dedicated professional who will become familiar with your internal nuances and be able to provide customized help on a timely basis.

Should you decide to go with one of our “Managed IT” packages, there is absolutely no obligation.  If you do not like us, we don’t force you to stay.  Rather than a contract, we have a simple agreement that outlines how we will work together and interact.  If you are no longer comfortable with the arrangement, you can simple let us know and we’ll go our separate ways.

Our assistance can be as basic as fixing pesky little problems or as complicated as implementing a new technology. We can also provide advice on leveraging technology to solve business problems and challenges.  My expertise includes, but is not limited to:


  • Data Protection and backup            
  • Network Wiring                                                     
  • Cloud-based technology                  
  • Hardware                                             
  • Local Area Network (LAN)               
  • Printing
  • VPN
  • Security Systems               
  • Video Surveillance
  • Remote Access
  • Malware/Viruses and protection 
  • Email
  • Windows Server
  • Internet
  • Wireless Networking   
  • Desktop/Laptop                                                          



Michael Brown, XForcePC