Pro Flight Radio Panel

Pro Flight Radio Panel


27" Monitor

Logitech Pro Flight Instrument Panel

Choose between many different flight instruments at the touch of a button. You can also hook nine of these devices up at one time and have them all display a different instrument. (Check out video on the Videos tab)

Featuring a stunning 3.5” color LCD screen, the Instrument Panel can display 6 of the main cockpit instrument panels in X-Plane or MSFS. Reacting and updating in real time with events from the game, the Instrument Panel brings an extra level of realism to your flight simulation setup.

Ships in late May or early June


Includes the following instruments:

  • Airspeed with MACH sidebar
  • Altimeter with RALT sidebar
  • ADI Horizon with VSI sidebar
  • ADF RMI with DME
  • Turn & Bank Indicator
  • Vertical Speed Indicator
  • HSI with CRS & DME
  • VORs with DME
  • Engine gauges
  • PFD Primary Flight Display
  • Glider Variometer
  • Gyrocompass and Whiskey Compass

These gauges are replicated in seven different panel types suitable for different types of aircraft:
(selected by specifying the Panel Type in Plane-Maker for each aircraft)

  • General Aviation - suitable for small single engine General Aviation aircraft
  • General IFR - suitable for larger twin engine General Aviation aircraft
  • Fighter - suitable for all modern military jet fighters and transport aircraft
  • Fighter IFR - suitable for WWII era piston engine aircraft
  • Airliner - suitable for all modern "Heavy Metal" and General Aviation jet aircraft
  • Glider - customized instrument set suitable for use with gliders
  • Autogyro - arbitrarily used to select your own CUSTOM modifyable set of instruments

We will include detailed directions for making this product work with X-Plane. Connects via USB and requires a powered USB hub when used with multiple panels.

Compatible with Windows Vista, 7,8, and 8.1, and 10. Works with 64-bit and 32-bit Windows.
Includes ONE instrument panel in the box, though multiple panels can be used.

Be sure to check out the VIDEOS tab above!

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