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XForce PC is a custom computer manufacturer located in Columbia, SC. We take pride in building PCs of all variations with specialties in flight simulation computers. We also offer local computer services for small businesses in the Columbia area.

Who We Are

X-Force is the logistics partner for Laminar Research (X-Plane). In addition to handling the logistics involved with online X-Plane sales, we are also providers of some of the best X-Plane related accessories like joysticks, yokes, pedals, and full systems. All of our hardware has been tested to be fully compatible with X-Plane. In fact, the X-Plane code for the Windows platform is tested and compiled on an X-Force system.

Building PCs since since 1996, we have always specialized in building high-quality, reliable, and high-performance systems. Beginning in 1999, our partnership with Laminar Research, the creator of X-Plane, began. Since this time, Digital Edge, X-Force’s parent company, has been shipping X-Plane out of our location in Columbia, SC for all X-Plane software sold at X-Plane.com. We have also been the sole-source for Windows-based systems for Laminar Research since this partnership began.

XForcePC is an Internet-based company selling high-quality and affordable flight simulation and gaming hardware, online. If you would like to visit our showroom, please contact us and (803)-470-1915 and set up an appointment.

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